Scarinish Branding

Delighted to have our suite of branding items printed, embossed, delivered, and ready to dish out!

Incase anyone is interested the name was chosen after many visits to the Isle of Tiree - and a wrong turn on the bike, led to the harbour in the small village called Scarinish.
We were looking for a name then and felt the perfect fit.

Scarinish is a glasgow based design consultancy working across a range of disciplines including interior design, architecture and brand home design.
The logo features a custom, stencil version of Publico. Underneath the logotype are the latitude and longitude co-ordinates of the harbour at Scarinish in Tiree.

The roundal version works well for social media whereas the 'Made in Glasgow' logo is used for labelling on bespoke furniture items for the soon to be launched Scarinish home range.

The studio also works with a number of premium drinks brands on 3D and Experiential design, specifically for brand homes.
The stencil is a subtle nod to Whisky and drinks branding. 

Dutch grey board references some of the traditional Island materials that inform the studios work, with a subtle blue colour on the edge painted cards and notepads references the
crystal clear, turquoise waters of the Inner Hebrides.

Images courtesy of KVGD.