Pastures new :)

The Whisky Bond

Scarinish studio HQ, Spiers Lock, is the company's studio and workshop from which we design and build projects.

With Glasgow Sculpture studio occupying the entire ground floor with a gallery and event space, the building has the buzz and feel of a gallery, but with the addition of creative workspaces on all other floors of the building.

Within the Distillery studio, Scarinish has evolved and can now offer a fully tailored bespoke approach to any project. It took us a while to get it, but it was all the more worth it in the end..

A home to a diverse and vibrant culture, which nurtures fresh idea, unique approaches to collaboration and the formation of fresh ideas.

Sitting by the serene  lovely canal side location,  and arguably the best sandwiches in town from Piece, its very exciting times for Scarinish.

Pop us a message and come see us.

Email or call +44 74439 10322