The Emporium of Sensorial Submersion

On a recent day trip through to Edinburgh I popped into this show on the way home, and what an experience it turned out to be.

A classic Victorian terrace converted for a few weeks only into an Emporium of Sensorial Submersions. There were five unique experiences over two hours, each with their own signature cocktail served throughout the experience.

A truly unique event. Grad a brew and head over to the Scots magazine for a full review
courtesy of Katrina Patrick.

A highlight of the evening was the installation which centred around an interactive cocktail tasting table by Mark Ijzerman

Laverstoke Mill & Bombay Sapphire

08.09.15 Bombay Sapphire, Laverstoke

I'm delighted to see the Visitor centre, which I had the pleasure of working on with designers 1751, open.

Along with Thomas Hetherwick, 1751 completed the design and content for the visitor centre and the empire bar.
The site for the visitor centre and distillery was formerly a water -powered paper mill and sits on the site of the purest chalk river in England. 

Work hasnt allowed the time to get down for a proper visit, but especially looking forward to visiting in a non design capacity and sampling some of the 25 million litres of Gin passing through the distillery from now on.

In addition Scarinish provided furniture and lighting designs for public areas, the gin shop and the empire bar.

Click here for a great article on the project.


Copenhagen & LightYears Research trip

A great little day trip over to Copenhagen with Moletta Munro to visit the Lightyears factory showroom forming part of the exciting development at Carlsberg City.
An interesting development on the doorstep of the Carlsberg/Jacobsen brewery site.

An unedited selection of shots from the trip.
Included are images taken at Muttos showroom, HAY, Lightyears factory showroom, and the 'in progress' Carlsberg City, adjacent to the Carlsberg brewery site. 

We'd love to get back and delve further into the City.

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Scarinish Branding

Delighted to have our suite of branding items printed, embossed, delivered, and ready to dish out!

Incase anyone is interested the name was chosen after many visits to the Isle of Tiree - and a wrong turn on the bike, led to the harbour in the small village called Scarinish.
We were looking for a name then and felt the perfect fit.

Scarinish is a glasgow based design consultancy working across a range of disciplines including interior design, architecture and brand home design.
The logo features a custom, stencil version of Publico. Underneath the logotype are the latitude and longitude co-ordinates of the harbour at Scarinish in Tiree.

The roundal version works well for social media whereas the 'Made in Glasgow' logo is used for labelling on bespoke furniture items for the soon to be launched Scarinish home range.

The studio also works with a number of premium drinks brands on 3D and Experiential design, specifically for brand homes.
The stencil is a subtle nod to Whisky and drinks branding. 

Dutch grey board references some of the traditional Island materials that inform the studios work, with a subtle blue colour on the edge painted cards and notepads references the
crystal clear, turquoise waters of the Inner Hebrides.

Images courtesy of KVGD.

Cassa Martini, Pessione, Italy

Situated in Pessione, near Turin, the Distillery had a tired and uninspiring visitor centre, nor any dedicated spaces for brand advocacy.

As a member of the team with brand home designers 1751, multiple new spaces were created and other refurbished to create a strong proposition for a new bartenders academy and visitor centre. Within the scope of works included a Bar tenders academy, Botanicals room, retail offering, Bartenders bar and External courtyard space.

A few images from the completed project.

We particularly liked the retired alfa romeo team engineer who travelled to site every month..juts to tick the motor over..

Images courtesy of RMP.


Absinthe - Thuir, France

We were delighted to have worked with the team at 1751 on the Absinthe brand Home.
Situated at one of the most impressive distilleries we've ever visited, in Thuir, near Perpignan, South of France.

Designed by Mr Gustave Eiffel himself, the man responsible for that little iron tower in Paris. The Distillery contains some amazing ironwork detailing connecting different parts of the Distillery.  An impressive internal street covered by iron archways, where trains, and deliveries were once commonplace.

Still a functioning distillery producing Byrah, and more recently adding Absinthe back to the production line.

The Distillery was officially opened in Oct 2013 after Pernod completed 2 year long construction after French lawmakers voted to lift the nationwide ban on Absinthe production.

Initially consumed by the bourgeoisie, absinthe was very successful and in 1870, representing 90% of appetizers consumed in France. In the early nineteenth century, production reached 36 million litres. Taken particularly under fire temperance leagues, the "Green Fairy" was prohibited for consumption in France in 1915.

It was not until 1988 that a decree allowing production of absinthe in France as the "spirits with absinthe plants". 

On May 17, 2011, the law of 1915 is finally repealed and authorises the production and circulation of absinthe. The Pernod group then decided to boost production using the original recipes.

Naturally the old distillery and associated spaces were underused and lacked any distinct spaces for Brand Advocacy. Created within the works was a new dedicated bar space, designed to also host events and demonstrations. A library houing historic Absinthe order books and a laboratory space for distilling your own Byrah.

Some images of the completed project courtesy of the mighty Carlinhes & 1751


Bespoke Design Solutions

Our clients on a recent project couldn't quite pin down what they were looking for in their initial look online, on Pinterest or in stores they had visited. They wanted something one off, unique to them, which fitted the look and feel of their new restaurant.

As we had designed the main restaurant ,we naturally offered to design the new bathrooms which were originally not within our scope of works. 

We made a custom sink and shelf detail from reclaimed oak boards and created custom light fittings from vintage light accessories. The taps were then custom made from copper pipe and sit behind a floating wide format mirror.

If you have a project in mind, get in touch..


Bespoke Concrete Bar

Had to share this!! A custom concrete bar top by Fluxworx fabrications.

We mixed in some black and green glass  to the mix and then ground the surface to a semi matt finish.

Thanks to Chris for the update and looking forward to seeing it fitted shortly.



Pastures new :)

The Whisky Bond

Scarinish studio HQ, Spiers Lock, is the company's studio and workshop from which we design and build projects.

With Glasgow Sculpture studio occupying the entire ground floor with a gallery and event space, the building has the buzz and feel of a gallery, but with the addition of creative workspaces on all other floors of the building.

Within the Distillery studio, Scarinish has evolved and can now offer a fully tailored bespoke approach to any project. It took us a while to get it, but it was all the more worth it in the end..

A home to a diverse and vibrant culture, which nurtures fresh idea, unique approaches to collaboration and the formation of fresh ideas.

Sitting by the serene  lovely canal side location,  and arguably the best sandwiches in town from Piece, its very exciting times for Scarinish.

Pop us a message and come see us.

Email or call +44 74439 10322